Basic Checks required when buying emirates used cars for sale

Why drivers go for emirates used cars:

Used cars for sale are better option for drivers in emirates rather than new cars. According to an outstanding research by Dubai based marketplace Car Switch, emirates used cars are generally offered at low prices as compared to other offline and online car markets. A cofounder Imad Hammad while speaking to an Arabian Business said that data found states that cars in emirates during their first year of purchase mostly lose about 20-30 percent of their actual price. After that almost 15-20 percent each year. If we are looking to sell emirates used cars, then we should know the facts and figures about emirates automotive industry.

Comparison of emirates used cars to other markets:

When it comes to compare emirates used cars to other car markets, this relation is quite high. Moreover, Cofounder of Dubai based marketplace Car Switch Imad Hammad said that its almost driven, due to transient population with higher disposable income, ultimately leads to shorter lifetimes of used cars for sales. Also a valuable research was conducted by firm found that 2011 Porsche Cayenne would generally sell for AED106,000 in UK as compared to AED88,000 in UAE.

How much affordable it was for emirates drivers?

Due to considerable discounts, drivers in UAE come up with more luxurious and valuable cars then even might they have budgeted for. Moreover, whenever going to sell car online in uae, used owned cars boasts more advantages as compared to new ones such as a valid warranty and service contract. John Richards CEO of finance comparison website Yallacompare also agrees to this fact. Despite of all those advantages, whenever going to sell used cars for sale in Dubai, used car market is incredibly attractive for most of the emirates used carsbuyers. Because even when you are in hurry, you even might be getting trendy luxury cars in good condition at normal pricing.

Tips and tricks to buy or sell:emirates used cars

UAE is transitional for many of us and to invest in a new car brand is probably of no use. Also to buy a new car is not economical for most of residents of emirates. So, buying a used car is best option for emirates residents and there are a lot of used cars available at all price ranges, ages and conditions available in the market. Choosing a right car and paying according to its real condition is a challenging task in itself.

Here are some basic checks that are required whenever you are going to buy emirates used cars.

1)Shortlist brands or models you actually want for your car:

Buying a second hand or emirates used cars can be tricky and in actual can lead to long term expenses if you don’t choose exact brand or model you want wisely. You really need to work hard in order to get the used car of your choice. Car lovers and most of people having addiction to vehicles mostly have knowledge about cars which brands or manufacturers we should prefer in cars. What you need to do is, shortlist two or three brands or even the old models in same brands. Decision can be based on cost, the possible resale value of used car, maintenance and service costs, number of passengers and also other factors.

2)Look for a reputed used car dealer or a website:

Although there is no doubt that there are a lot of dealers out in the market. Credibility and responsible selling is the thing you might actually be looking for. May be you would like to choose “brick and mortar’’ multi car dealers like Al Futtaim’s Auto mall or Elite Cars for latest luxury and trendy car models in market. You can also go to Crazycarcorner if you want to sell your used car online in emirates. Crazycarcorner basically is bestest choice if you are on way to sell your used car at best price.

3) Complete RTA testing and checks:

Once you have found your favorite dream car or at least have shortlisted a few, the next step is to make sure that car you have chosen is in top working condition. Most of us are not familiar with fast checks and motor information. You may need to ask for an RTA passing guarantee which is conducted by RTA approved tests based on a multiple series of tests and checks. These kinds of tests are taken to ensure that emirates used cars are trust worthy and free from any legal hassles. To make sure that it is actually the recent check, check the validity of certificate whether it is valid for thirty days from date of issue or not.

 4)Free the car to move on the road:

After passing used cars for sale through RTA testing and checks, next step we might suggest is to place car for inspection at garage. Once you are done with this, now you are free to move the car on the road.

Suggested are these basic checks to follow whenever you are going to buy emirates used cars. Crazycarcorner is best to sell your used vehicle in Dubai. Just make a call, we will be there in no minutes for your free car inspection.

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